Jo-Anne Balcaen



2007 Single-channel video with sound, 10:32 (excerpt for web: 2:18)

A companion piece to Long Shot, Backmasking is a single-channel video that reveals, in plain black and white, the subliminal messages contained within a selection of songs by my favourite band as these are played backwards. I wanted to see if anything could be detected in this music, and most importantly, if this could be subconsciously encouraging my fixation.
While this began more as a lark or a curious experiment, it soon became evident after repetitive listening that there were, in fact, messages of hope, love, and despair being expressed, albeit influenced by my own desire to hear something, anything, that could be perceived as such, however unintelligible or improbable it may seem.

Exhibition history: La Centrale, Montréal (2008); InterAccess Media Arts, Toronto, (2009); Eastern Edge Gallery, St. John’s, NL (2011)

Le pendant de Long Shot, Backmasking est une vidéo monocanal qui révèle, en simple noir et blanc, les messages subliminaux contenus dans les chansons de ce même musicien lorsqu’elles sont jouées à l’envers, à titre de « preuve »  que ces messages encourageaient subconsciemment ma fascination avec ce groupe.

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