Jo-Anne Balcaen


  • Photo of artwork by Jo-anne Balcaen
  • Photo of artwork by Jo-anne Balcaen
  • Photo of artwork by Jo-anne Balcaen

List of Job Titles by Rank and Alphabetical Order

2014 Ink jet on paper, 44 x 130 inches

Existing job titles were culled from a random selection of art museum and gallery websites throughout the US and Canada.
In the left hand column, the traditional organigram model was replaced by a single-file ranking, forcing a hierarchy based on my estimate of that position’s power within an institution, while also pointing to the practice of job title ‘fluffing’. In the right hand column, the titles are listed alphabetical order, creating a visual relationship between these two classification systems. During an Open Studios event, visiting arts admin professionals were invited to correct the rankings by moving titles around, therefore engaging in their own game of power dynamics and hierarchy.

Produced during a six-month residency at the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) in Brooklyn, NY, sponsored by the Canada Council for the Arts International Residencies Program.

Exhibition history: ISCP, Brooklyn, NY (2014); Interference Archive, Brooklyn, NY (2015)

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