Jo-Anne Balcaen


  • Photo of artwork by Jo-anne Balcaen

    Photo: Paul Litherland

  • Photo of artwork by Jo-anne Balcaen
  • Photo of artwork by Jo-anne Balcaen
  • Photo of artwork by Jo-anne Balcaen

The Artist Should Have Value

2014 Colour ink jet on polypropylene, 44" x 24.5" (111,75 cm x 62 cm)

The Artist Should Have Value is based on a presentation I found on the web titled “Jo-Anne Balcaen by Srijan Panja on Prezi”. This surprising discovery revealed that a 14 year-old boy from India had made an interactive web presentation on a piece I originally made in 2001 titled Vicious Circle, and posted it online, presumably as a school project.
Here, I reproduce an image of the work in question, flanked by the complete transcript of Srijan’s presentation on the left, and on the right, my own anecdotal description of the piece as I reflect on it 15 years later. In the text on the left, Srijan and his collaborator “John”, discuss my piece based on themes such as ‘Lines’, ‘Shapes’, and ‘Texture’, and in a final topic titled ‘The artist must improve or add’, they conclude their evaluation by recommending that: “The artist should have value”. In my text, I provide my own informal description of the piece, but also reveal a previously unmentioned, intimate detail about the work’s history.

View Srijan’s original Prezi presentation on the web here.

(Prezi is a software tool that allows users to create interactive visual presentations that can be viewed on the web. Its distinctive features are the use of motion and zooming to create narrative flow.)

Exhibition history: The New Gallery, Calgary (2016)

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