Jo-Anne Balcaen


  • Photo of artwork by Jo-anne Balcaen

    Installation view, Galerie Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, Concordia University.

  • Photo of artwork by Jo-anne Balcaen


Vicious Circle

2001 Ribbon, pins

Based on a Baroque calligraphy design, Vicious Circle is a three-dimensional piece where process, scale and material evoke sensuality. I was interested in creating a large-scale piece that was highly complex, fragile, and ephemeral. The piece is comprised of several hundred feet of one-inch wide ribbon held in place by straight pins. The ribbon is unfurled bit by bit to create a display that evokes the ease and fluidity of calligraphy, yet in a precarious and temporal manner.

Exhibition history: OCAD Gallery (1998); Galerie Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Concordia University, (2000)

Vicious Circle, inspiré d’un motif calligraphique Baroque, est une œuvre à trois dimensions où le matériel et le processus évoquent la fluidité et la sensualité de la calligraphie.